June 2017 News

The KPA-PAC is our voice for psychology in Kentucky’s political process. Decisions made in Frankfort impact matters, such as psychology licensure, insurance reimbursements, and our very identity as psychologists. With your support, the KPA-PAC will continue to advocate for psychological health and psychology practice in Kentucky. The KPA-PAC needs you!


What is KPA-PAC?

  • KPA-PAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the Kentucky Psychological Association.

  • KPA-PAC conducts legislative and political advocacy on behalf of practitioners and educators who are members of the Kentucky Psychological Association.


Why is support of the KPA-PAC so important?

  • KPA-PAC provides a voice for psychologists and their priorities in Frankfort – the greater the number of contributors to the KPA-PAC, the more effective it will be.

  • The KY State Congress is making decisions now that will affect psychologists for years to come. Your support of the KPA-PAC is critical if we hope to advance psychology priorities within KY.

  • Through the KPA-PAC, we can all play an active role in the KY election process and have our voices heard.

  • By supporting the KPA-PAC, we are advancing political awareness and concern about the future of psychology.


Who will the KPA-PAC support with my contribution?

  • Pro-psychologist candidates

  • Incumbents and challengers

  • Democrats and Republicans

  • KY House and Senate members on key committees

  • Leadership in the KY House and Senate


How can I help?

  • Get to know your state legislators and educate them on the priorities that are important to psychology.

  • Inform the KPA-PAC of relationships you already have with members of the KY House and Senate and candidates for state office.

  • Learn more about the work of the KPA-PAC and make a contribution at http://www.kpapac.org.