By Dr. Ben Birkby

The KPA-PAC is the only political action committee speaking for psychologists in Kentucky’s political process. Decisions made in Frankfort impact matters, such as psychology licensure, insurance reimbursements, and our very identity as psychologists. KPA-PAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the Kentucky Psychological Association. KPA-PAC conducts legislative and political advocacy on behalf of practitioners and educators who are members of the Kentucky Psychological Association.



·       KPA-PAC ranked 7th out of 24 health professional PACs in 2016 (in 2015 KPA-PAC ranked 24th out of 25 health PACs)!

·       11 out of 14 KPA-PAC supported candidates were victorious in 2016!

·       Candidates from both political parties were supported by KPA-PAC in 2016!

·       For the 2nd year in a row the KPA-PAC has received strong financial support from the KPA Board!

·       KPA-PAC is becoming more visible in the political process!


Learn more about the work of the KPA-PAC at the KPA CONVENTION in November. Visit us at the KPA-PAC Booth or the ECP/Early Licensee Social.


Raise your voice for psychology. Help advance and protect your profession. Make a contribution at