April 2019 KPA Newsletter Article

By Dr. Michelle Bornstein, Psy.D.

The KPA Political Action Committee (PAC) is a strong voice in Frankfort representing the interests of  psychologists and mental health clinicians and working to promote the psychological well-being of the citizens of Kentucky. 

The 2019 legislative session recently ended and, during the 30-day period, over 75 bills were reviewed, resulting in some great successes for the psychological community and for the state of Kentucky! 

SB1, a KPA-supported bill, passed the House and Senate and was signed into law by Governor Bevin. This law will require every school in Kentucky to adopt a trauma-informed approach to assist in identifying and addressing the learning needs of students impacted by trauma and to promote an environment where students can feel safe, nurtured and successful.    

Relatedly, House Floor Amendment 1, also supported by KPA, passed and was signed into law.  This law gives schools flexibility to hire licensed mental health professionals, at a ratio of 1:250 students, in addition to the school counselors already placed in those schools. Not only will this law work to bolster schools in protecting its most vulnerable students but it will create more positions for Kentucky’s licensed clinicians. KPA will continue to fight to add mental health professionals to school staff for support and consultation on the school’s trauma-informed teams.   

Senate Bill 65, passed and signed into law, establishes a Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Task Force - which will include a KPA member as a participant - aimed at improving the quality and delivery of palliative care initiatives. 

These are just a few of the bills supported by KPA that were passed and signed into law.

The KPA-PAC is a bipartisan political action committee of the Kentucky Psychological Association.  The KPA-PAC conducts legislative and political advocacy on behalf of practitioners and educators who are members of the KPA.  Decisions made in Frankfort impact important matters including the creation of new positions for mental health clinicians, insurance reimbursements and licensure.    

The KPA-PAC is the only political action committee representing psychologists in Kentucky’s political process and is funded through the contributions of Kentucky’s psychologist and mental health clinicians.  KPA membership dues do not go toward the PAC, which relies on your generous donations.  

Help the KPA-PAC advance and protect our profession! Learn more about the KPA-PAC and make a contribution at http://www.kpapac.org.